We have taken some of the most asked questions around FYSPRTs, and assembled them here for your review.

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What is a FYSPRT?

FYSPRT stands for Family Youth System Partner Round Table

FYSPRTs create a platform for family, youth and system partners to collaborate, listen, and incorporate the voice of the community into decision making at the state level. They are based on the core values of System of Care, which are:

Family and youth driven services;

Cross-system collaboration;

Community based; and

Culturally and linguistically competent services.

FYSPRTs are a critical part of the Governance Structure that includes family, youth and system partner voice. It is a required element of the TR Settlement Agreement agreed on by the plaintiffs and Washington State to inform children’s behavioral health system change.

How can the FYSPRT support the community needs of youth, family, and system partners?

FYSPRTs support the community needs of youth, family, and system partners through collaboration, listening, and resource sharing. FYSPRTs provide a forum to make connections with others in the community, offering validation and hope.

What can I expect to happen at a FYSPRT meeting?

At a FYSPRT meeting you can expect a safe, collaborative, welcoming environment to share your thoughts, voice, and listen and learn from others. It is a place where different perspectives can come together to build relationships and develop suggestions for ways to make things work better. You can propose topics to add to the current meeting agenda and/or to a future meeting agenda that addresses a need or needs important to your community.

How do we as a FYSPRT make a difference?

FYSPRTs make a difference by welcoming the voice of youth, family and system partners in sharing strengths and needs regarding mental health services for youth. Information and feedback discussed at FYSPRTs have the potential to initiate and influence system-wide change at the local/regional level.

What is my role/how do I fit?

Each person coming to the table brings a unique perspective, please come to a meeting to explore how you fit it.

How do I join ?

Just come to a meeting and fill out the attached form !