Voices Matters!

How do I get involved ?

FYSPRT meetings are fully open to the public and all are welcome to attend. This is the first step to getting involved. Click here for a list of upcoming meetings

Becoming a member

Join us!  Anybody can attend a FYSPRT meeting. Becoming a voting member means you agree to be part of the descion process and attend most meetings. Being a voting member also means agreeing to fill out an official membership form


Each one of the States FYSPRT's has three tri-leads.  

1. System Partner. This is anyone who works for State, Local or Mental Health agencies. 

2.Family Lead. This is anyone who is a parent or family member who has raised a child with behavioral or mental health concerns.

3. Youth Lead. This is any youth who has worked with or identifies as having struggled with Behavioral Health issues.

Tri-Leads are expected to represent regional FYSPRT and at all Statewide FYSPRT meetings and training's.

FYSPRT Attendance Policy:

In order to make official decisions at a Regional FYSPRT a certain percentage of our voting members must be present. Also, in order to make progress on our goals and projects, we need our voting members to be committed to attending our monthly meetings. When applying for membership, please be aware that you are committing to attend the monthly Regional FYSPRT meetings.   We ask that you apply for membership with the expectation of attending at least 10 out of 12 Regional FYSPRT meetings per year.